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“If I have to provide a label for our products, I would say it’s Modern Industrial with a touch of Country Flair”.

Owner Craig Stanfield and the team at Chestnut Forge and Furniture use reclaimed lumber and hand forged steel to create high quality, handcrafted pieces. Creative designs include gates, chalk boards, tables, stools, lighting, signs and many others.

Working with a variety of tools has helped to create the backbone of Chestnut’s diverse style. Retired from The Town of Palm Beach Fire Department, Craig was once featured in an advertisement for a plasma cutter because he had used it to free a child’s hand from a soda vending machine. Maybe all those years fighting fires has led him to blacksmithing by allowing him to use the power of the flame to create rather than destroy. Creative minds paired with a knowledge of tools, allows Craig and his team to make a wide variety of both functional and artistic creations. Each product design is carefully thought out and handcrafted with local community as their number one inspiration!

Who We Are

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james craig stanfield


North Carolina Blacksmith and Furniture Maker, Craig Stanfield uses reclaimed lumber and hand forged steel to create masterfully crafted pieces from elegant tables to rustic case goods. When asked to put a label on his style of work, Craig responds, “If I have to provide a label I would say it’s Modern Industrial with a touch of Country Flair”.

debbi stanfield

co-owner & cfo cff

When Craig and Debbi decided to leave South Florida after retirement, they both dreamed of living on a big piece of property.  They found the property in 2007 in Rutherfordton NC and their dream came true when they built their farm and moved full time in 2013. Since he was able to retire at 50 from his career in Firefighting, she told him he was to young and should still work! She knew he was creative and had a lot of talent and skills that would be wasted and they have never been busier or happier. Debbi spends her time caring for her 19 Angora goats, 2 horses, 5 dogs and a multitude of cats.

amanda morfinos

cnc programmer & product development manager

Originally from New York, Amanda moved to Rutherfordton, NC at a very young age and grew up on a farm with a love of animals. While in high school she became a very active member of Pony Club. After several years of competing in Equestrian Competition and a few National Ratings under her belt, she started a career in Computer Sciences. After joining Chestnut Forge and Furniture as their CNC Plasma Cutter and CAD Designer/Programmer, she furthered her education in Welding and CNC Programming/Machining. She loves mixing her love for technology into new and creative projects at the shop. She is very excited to see the new opportunities ahead and the projects to come.

phillip mcbrayer

master carpenter

Phillip was born and raised in Rutherfordton NC. He woke up one morning at the age of 12 and caught a woodworking program on TV that really captured his attention. After that, he was hooked. He started asking for tools for Christmas instead of toys. By 14, he had his own small woodshop. He started to create small wooden gifts for family and friends. Then after graduating high school he went to work with a local contractor building homes, which led him to meet Craig . While building his house they quickly became friends and that later turned into a job opportunity for Phillip as a carpenter at Chestnut Forge and Furniture. He loves his job and likes the challenges of new projects.

cory stanfield


Cory began his journey as a welder in Junior high during shop class. Through his various positions in the oilfield for 10 years, he gained experience that would later be helpful for him at Chestnut Forge and Furniture. After marrying and starting a family, the opportunity arose for him to move his family to North Carolina to be near his dad. This job as a metalsmith satisfies his creative itch and allows him to participate in a wonderful family business.

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North Carolina Blacksmith and Furniture Maker, creating masterfully crafted, unique pieces from elegantly simple tables to rustic case goods.


Chestnut Forge and Furniture creates distinctive hand forged items consisting of various furniture pieces, accent designs, signs and equestrian themed items. Using reclaimed materials and metal, these timeless pieces are handcrafted in the foothills of Western North Carolina.

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